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5 Steps to Jump-Start Your Salesforce Career

posted by Salesforce   | 8 years ago

Purpose of any business that wants to grow is to create an enabling environment which increases their customers’ base and thus translate to monumental sales of their product or services. To achieve this, business owners these days make use of top notch technology. One of those many tools is the Salesforce. A career in Salesforce can qualify you for a position of business administrator, developer or even consultant if you can invest in it. The look-out for experienced individuals with this skillset has increased because only businesses with good knowledge of technology-trend thrive. As a result of this reality, business owners are ready to pay mouth-watering salaries if you can offer such service.
If you channel your effort, time, and money to learn Salesforce, your investment will be worth it because the knowledge brings you relevance and the pay is heavy enough to pay your bills through providing solution with the tool. Kick-starting your Salesforce career is not hard at all but may require effective networking as the platform is network-driven if you wish to secure your dream job soon.
How can you start-up your career in Salesforce immediately
1.      Open a Free Admin Accounts
A good way to begin is by practicing while gaining experience. You may have to create a free #AwesomeAdmin version account to get the features and functionality of Salesforce. This application will enable you to;
  • Install AppExchange packages; familiarise with the installation steps and test-run the app
  • Create features and functionality in Salesforce (e.g. workflow rules, objects, and custom fields).
  • Execute APEX code (for those who are developers).
  • Success community (access to various documentations) and many more
This account will provide you a playing ground for your Saleforce career considering the above mentioned features and functionalities. Click here to create your free admin playground account
2.      Gain wider view and knowledge
Once you have the playing ground, the next is to start playing around! You have a need to visit the following links to help you along your new career path.
Salesforce’s YouTube channel this is an excellent resource joined with the Dreamforce session videos.
Salesforce Trailhead This is a phenomenal interactive learning tool developed by Salesforce. It teaches you the basics of Salesforce while you practice to earn points and badges.
Salesforce Cheat Sheets a printable reference guide. The chart is a display of various functionalities in Salesforce and good to be hung on walls to serve as reminder. You can as well get a hard copy at Dreamforce. Platform Fundamentals an in-depth but ancient though updated downloadable journal for acquiring brilliance and Salesforce skills. You can as well get a hard copy at Dreamforce
TecwalletSA The TecWallet Salesforce academy is a mentorship series programme right here on TecWallet that aims to guide you through this career path by feeding you with current information (personal or official)thereby providing an easy way to learn the basics of Salesforce.
3.      Join a User Group network
Networking is prime if you must soar in this field. Take your time to research the over 200 user groups community of Salesforce to find the closest to you. You can get current developments, trends, features, functionality, mentorship and even recommendations for openings through such gathering. Click here
4.      Join Social Networks groups
Taking advantage of platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the likes are sure ways of development and inclusion. Salesforce user groups are largely available on these networks discussing various topics of interest by members and giving assistance. Be a member of such communities to join the conversation.
5.      Volunteer
Volunteering is an excellent strategy to practice your Salesforce career while you develop your resume for that six-figure pay job. Volunteering could be a best way to get absorbed into a working environment.
Find a volunteer opportunity here Salesforce Foundation or Community Corps
The below frequently asked question may also help you answer some of your:
1.      Do I have the skills to become a Salesforce Administrator?
Many people are anticipating a career change to Salesforce but are sceptical about needed experience and background to be successful in it. Well, it is good you realise that Salesforce is just a tool and can be learnt; using this tool to then solve organizational task makes you an administrator i.e. a business process expert skilled at taking process requirement and implement them successfully with Salesforce.
So what makes you a successful Salesforce administrator?
  • Ability to listen and empathize with customers
  • Good communication skill and interpersonal relationship
  • Ability to improvise (out of the box creativity)
  1. Should I become an Administrator or Developer?
The answer to this question is relative. It depends on the person’s interest. An administrator tend to interact more with customers while the developer with the computer. So what’s your interest? Do you like to relate with customers attending to their unending questions and problems, providing them with solution and give them a more reason to come back for more of your service or product of your organization or you rather stay-put at the backend with the headaches of codes facing the screens and trying to fix bugs; making sure that the whole automations are in good flow resulting to smooth operation and customers appreciation of your organization technology compliance to service discharge? You question is still yours to answer.
However, if your choice career in Salesforce is a developer, you still have need to learn Salesforce as an administrator because codes are only meaningful when they are properly manage. Many task requiring codes will first require a keen administrative understanding of how the code should work or what it should correct at the long-runs.

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