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Advanced Java Training Course

Student will work indepth into the following topics:

    Boot strapping Spring using Java Config, XML Config
    Spring Dependency Injection with annotations
    Spring Aspect Oriented Programming with annotations
    Hibernate Object Relational Mapping Tool (ORM)
    Data modeling for oracle, mysql, sql server and converting data model to physical schema
    Generating JPA annotated domain objects from your database schema
    Automation with Hibernate tools or JPA tools
    Hibernate integration with Spring for transaction management and dependency injection
    Do not repeat your DAO's using Spring Data JPA framework
    Unit testing Spring applications witih JUnit
    Spring Security (ACEGI Security)
    Deploying to application servers like Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic
    Spring JDBC
    Spring JMS (Java Messaging Service) covering JMS Queue, JMS Topic
    WebServices (Contract First, Contract Last, Rest Style WebServices)
    Apache CXF webservices, Apache Axis2 webservices.
    Creation of WSDL and XML Schema manually or using tools
    Spring WebServices (Contract First Approach)
    Deploying web applications to Jboss application server
    Configuring JDBC, JMS Queue and JMS Topic in Jboss application server
    Spring MVC integration with AJAX Frameworks like jQuery, and Angular JS.
    Spring best practices in real world.


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