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Salesforce Developer and Admin Role Based Training

Training Details

Course Duration: 45 hours Training + Assignments + Actual Project Based Case Studies
Training Materials: All attendees will receive,

  • Assignment after each module, Video recording of every session
  • Notes and study material for examples covered.
  • Access to the Training Blog & Repository of Materials

  • Basic Computer Skills and knowledge of IT.

Modules Covered in this Training
  1. Configuration
  2. Data Utilities
  3. Data Modeling
  4. Administration
  5. Customization
  6. Business Logics
  7. Reporting & Analytics
  8. Visual force
  9. APEX
  10. AppExchange
  11. Integration
  12. Development on IDE
Attendees also learn:
  1. Resume Preparation Guidelines and Tips
  2. Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation Tips
Topics Covered

Sales Force Dot Com (SFDC)
  • CRM Overview
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Salesforce Basics
  • Understanding SFDC UI
  • Personal Setup
  • Reset Person Info ~ Password ~ Security Token
  • Understanding Salesforce Editions
  • Configuring Company Setup
  • Security and Identity Confirmation
Data Utilities
  • Creating ~ Editing ~ Deleting: Records
  • Mass Data Operations
  • Mass Upload ~ Mass Update ~ Mass Delete ~ Mass Transfer
  • Exporting Data
  • Scheduling Exports
  • Data Storage Usage
  • Data Loader
Data Modeling
  • Introduction to SFDC Components
  • Customizing Standard SFDC Components
  • Creating Custom SFDC Components
  • Understanding Data Structure
  • SFDC Data Components – Overview
  • Data Relationships
  • Lookup Relations
  • Master Detail Relationships
  • Many to Many Relationship
  • Junction Objects
  • Creating Field Dependencies
  • Converting Leads
  • Managing Users
  • Managing Roles
  • Managing Profiles
  • Organization Wide Default
  • Defining Sharing Rules
  • Field Level Security
  • Field Accessibilities
  • Customizing Email Templates
  • Creating Email Templates
  • Mass Emails
  • Introduction to SFDC Home Pages
  • Customizing Home Page Layouts
  • Creating Custom Home Pages
  • Customizing Page Layouts
  • Customizing Display – Tabs & Pages
  • Customizing Views
  • Creating and Managing User Groups
  • Creating Service Cloud Console
  • Agent Console Tab
Business Logics
  • Automation using Formulas
  • Defining Validation Rules
  • Creating SFDC Flows
  • Email Alerts
  • Automatic Field Updates
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Workflow Rules & Approval Processes
  • Record Types
  • Roll-Up Summary
Reporting & Analytics
  • Working with Standard Reports
  • Creating reports
  • Report Formats
  • Controlling Report Accessibility
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Defining Report Types
  • Including Charts
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Dashboard Refreshes
Visual force
  • Custom Controllers
  • Custom List Controllers
  • Controller Extensions
  • Overriding Standard Pages
  • Using Input Components
  • Visualforce Page Blocks
  • Creating Email Templates with Visualforce
  • Creating VF Pages in IDE
  • Configuring Development Mode
  • Creating VF Pages in UI
  • Standard Controllers
  • Standard List Controllers
  • Visualforce Forms
  • Custom List Controllers
  • Adding Interactivity to Pages
  • HTML in Visualforce
  • CSS in Visualforce
  • Basics – OOPS Concept
  • Understanding Classes
  • Introduction to APEX
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Expressions
  • Assignment Statements
  • Conditional (If-Else) Statements
  • Creating APEX Classes in IDE
  • SOSL-Salesforce Object Search Language
  • SOQL-Salesforce Object Query Language
  • Creating APEX Classes in UI
  • Creating APEX Triggers in IDE
  • Creating APEX Triggers in UI
  • Understanding APEX Methods
  • Creating Search Layouts
  • Creating Test Classes
  • Creating Packages
  • Deploying Apps to AppExchange
  • Introduction to AppExchange
  • Installing Apps from AppExchange
  • Creating Sites
  • Creating Customer & Partner Portals
  • Distributing Packages
  • Deploying Apps to other Org
  • Web to Lead
  • Uploading Apps
Development on IDE
  • Working on Eclipse
  • Configuring IDE
  • Creating Projects
  • Working with Metadata Components
Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview Preparation Tips
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • How to clear an Interview

Who should plan on joining?

  • Anyone who wants to start his/her career as a Salesforce Administrator / Developer / Consultant.
  • Anyone working on technologies which are doing not so good in the market like Mainframes, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, Java, Microsoft .Net
  • Someone who has experience as Business Analyst.
  • Fresh BE, BTech, MS students
Advantages of learning Salesforce online:

Whether you are just starting out or know something about Salesforce, get the core knowledge of Salesforce Developer you need to get up to speed, and get the most out of our online Salesforce Developer and Admin training. Get the best-in-class CRM online training by our Salesforce certified consultant specialist. If your aspiration is to achieve Salesforce Developer Certification online, ZaranTech has the right level of online Salesforce Developer tutorial. Take full advantage of online study materials, practice tests, Assignments and salesforce training videos prepared for Salesforce certification exams.

Training Format:

This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using Cisco Webex Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

Timing: Weekdays and Weekends after work hours.

Course Objective:

After the completion of this Course with ZaranTech, you should be able to:

  • Understand What & Why of Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Development,
  • Ability to design Data Model for cloud based applications and architecture.
  • Ability to automate Sales and Service processes using Workflows, Approval Processes, Formulas.
  • Hands on experience of end-to-end application designing on Platform.
  • Get guidance on the best practices of App designing.
Project Work and Case Study details and Time spent?

  • Case Study 1 – Sales Application
  • Case Study 2 – Service Management Application
Training Highlights
  • Focus on Hands on training.
  • 30 hours of Assignments, Live Case Studies.
  • Video Recordings of sessions provided.
  • One Problem Statement discussed across the whole training program.
  • Salesforce Certification Guidance.
  • Introduction to SFDC (Sales Force Dot Com).
  • Prerequisites sessions conducted for participants not knowing Unix, Java Basics.
  • Resume prep, Interview Questions provided.
  • Covers All Important SFDC Ecosystem Products.


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